1.7 To promote the diversification of the educational program provided in collaboration with national and foreign institutions that give a dual-degree and/or joint degree program, in response to fully identified needs.
3.14 To establish the Students’ Assistance System understood as an organizational structure whose objective is to effectively incorporate and to coordinate all the support programs for students, for the purpose of providing them with greater assistance their school performance (tutorship, advising, career guidance, psycho-pedagogical support, scholarships, social service, internships, mobility, cultural, artistic and sporting activities, job bank, insertion in the labor market, among others).
3.15 To reinforce the tutorship programs, student mobility, internships and start-up practices.
3.20 To encourage students mobility in recognized high quality institutions located in non-Spanish-speaking countries to reinforce students’ foreign language proficiency.
5.11 To incentivize the creation of international in partnership with educational institutions and/or interest entities to the university with the objective of analyzing the relevant problems of global developing in Baja California in particular from the field of sciences, engineering, social sciences, and humanities.
6.11 To identify in every single campus all the higher education institutions and research centers in Mexico and abroad in order to establish an outline to partnership and to the appropriate agreements, as well as to communicate these agreements to the university community.
7.1 To identify activities that play a part, in every campus, to the internationalization of the university functions, its scopes and impacts, and to frame initiatives that contribute to the International UABC program’s update in order to give this program a greater importance and relevance into the global level.
7.2 To encourage the exchange of experiences in terms of internationalization in campuses and between campuses, and to identify the best practices.
7.5 To manage agreements with foreign institutions of recognized quality to promote academic mobility and student and scholar academic exchange .
7.6 To encourage the incorporation of foreign students to the university’s educational programs.
7.9 To ensure that the contents of UABC´s website contributes to promote the internationalization of the university.
7.11 To guarantee that the international agencies that set the global rankings of the universities count with data to promote the incorporation of the institution into those global rankings in the best position.
12.11 To simplify and accelerate the administrative paper work to decrease the response time regarding internal and external requirements.