The Student Exchange Program supports undergraduate students to take courses, and perform professional practices in national and international quality institutions of Higher Education. This program also allows students to access to national and international companies during the semester or the academic year.

This program allows postgraduate students to take courses and perform research residencies that grant academic credits (credit hours) for up to one semester in Higher Education Institutions and foreign Research Centers.

The courses that students attend in the Host University, do not necessarily have to be identical to those of the curriculum that the Home University offers; however, the subjects must be equivalent to enrich the student's professional training.

The Student Exchange Program aims to contribute to the development of professional and global citizens with a high critical thinking skills. A type of citizens able to adapt to different social realities within a national, cross-border, binational and global environment.

Our Student Exchange Program and our academic collaboration with other institutions have been effective strategies to achieve the student's integral and dynamic training. Our students have access to 188 Student Exchange Agreements with partner universities: 82 national universities and 106 international universities.

In addition, within the international field, UABC is member of the following consortiums: Alianza del Pacífico (ALPA), Programa Jóvenes de intercambio México-Argentina (JIMA), Consortium For North America Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC), Conferencia de Rectores de Universidades Públicas de Québec (CREPUQ), University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP), Servicio Alemán de Intercambio Académico (DAAD), Programa México–Francia–Ingenieros–Tecnología (MEXFITEC) y el Programa Economía Toulouse América Latina (PETAL).

The institutional academic agreements offer undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to study in different destinations such as Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, South Korea, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, and Sweden, among others. Every year our University promotes two open exchange calls to provide the students the opportunity to apply to study abroad.

For more information, contact the International Affairs Department located in Vicerrectoría of each campus, the student's academic advisor, or the Head of the Student Exchange Division from each Academic Unit. For more detailed information, please visit: