A Word from the President

The Universidad Autónoma de Baja California provides the students with an integral education, a sense of social responsibility and a spirit of service so they can develop the necessary life skills and become 21st Century citizens with global competences. Thus, the national and international exchange programs of UABC offer a comprehensive training for the students consisting of a mentor system, professional practices linked with the public and the private sector, sport and cultural activities, learning foreign languages, development of the entrepreneurship, participation in the dissemination of knowledge, and a sense of community service. At UABC, we encourage our students to participate in national and international Student Exchange Programs so they can experience different cultures and ways of living.

The Cimarrones of Baja California always "reach for the top" with respect for others and nature. This is what makes us the leading University of northwestern Mexico!

Welcome to UABC!

Luis Enrique Palafox Maestre, PhD.

President of UABC

Historical Background

The Universidad Autónoma de Baja California was founded in 1957 as the result of the effort of multiple generations of Bajacalifornianos.

Throughout its development, the UABC has experienced great changes due to the need to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the people who live in Baja California.

The University accepts changes as relevant for the transformation of a learning community. Therefore, the Universidad Autónoma of Baja California embraces innovation, continuous improvement, equity, and transparency as its main principles.

The UABC is a decentralized public institution of Higher Education which is fully capable to fulfill its three main roles: teaching, research, and cultural and extension services.